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Recipe: Tipico Vegan Tomato Soup

Posted by Tipico Italian on

Preparation time: 30mins
Serves: 2 portions 

    Cooking Instructions

     Slice the onion very thinly, mash the garlic and start to cook gently in a deep pot with the oil.

     Wash the San Marzano tomatoes and cut in cubes. When the onion starts to soften and brown slightly, add the cubed San Marzano tomatoes together with 50g of the basil.

     Cover the tomatoes with water and add the tomato paste. Add salt, pepper and sugar and leave to cook until it is reduced by 1/3 and the tomatoes are soft.

     Blend and strain the soup. Check the salt and pepper. Return the soup to the pot.

     Add the remaining basil leaf and cook for another 10 minutes.

     Cut the Ox Heart tomatoes in thin slices. Serve the soup in a cup with the sliced tomatoes on the top and some crispy bread.