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Aged Pecorino - 200g

La Casearia Carpenedo

Aged Pecorino - 200g

Aged Pecorino - 200g

HK$118 per 200g

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Pecorino is made from ewe's milk in Italy. The name Pecorino comes from the italian word "Pecora", meaning sheep. The cheese is aged for a minimum of 8 months under stable temperature and humidity that makes the this cheese very tasty with its strong and spicy flavour.

Storage instructions:

Our cheeses are packaged in a highly-pressurised vacuum sealed bag with a shelf life of 1 month - before opening, and 1 week - after opening.  To store after opening, wrap your cheese with baking paper (not film) to keep safely for another week. If the outer layer of your cheese starts to harden, slice off and remove.