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La Casearia Carpenado - Taleggio DOP - 200g

La Casearia Carpenedo

La Casearia Carpenado - Taleggio DOP - 200g

La Casearia Carpenado - Taleggio DOP - 200g

HK$66 per 200g

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Taleggio is a semisoft, washed-rind, smear-ripened Italian cheese that is named after Val Taleggio. The cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang.

The cheese can be eaten grated with salads such as radicchio or rucola (rocket, arugula) and with spices and tomato on bruschetta. It melts well and can be used in risotto or on polenta.

Check out chef Zeno's recipe: Spaghetti Four Cheese Sauce 

Storage instructions:

Our cheeses are packaged in a highly-pressurised vacuum sealed bag with a shelf life of 1 month - before opening, and 1 week - after opening.  To store after opening, wrap your cheese with baking paper (not film) to keep safely for another week. If the outer layer of your cheese starts to harden, slice off and remove.