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Giusti - 3 Gold Medals Champagnotta - 250ml


Giusti - 3 Gold Medals Champagnotta - 250ml

Giusti - 3 Gold Medals Champagnotta - 250ml

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Producing the finest gold medal-winning Balsamic Vinegars since 1605, the Giusti family's tradition is established on not only their secretly guarded recipes but also owes its unique magical flavours to barrels dating back to the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, a valuable and most antique collection which imbues their precious vinegars with a priceless heritage, achieving a characteristic bouquet of skilfully combined aromatic equilibrium derived from 17 generations of expertise.

Dedicated to the esteemed ancestor Riccardo Giusti who created this original recipe from sweet dried grapes, imbued with aromas and flavours of plum jam and red fruits intertwined with a hint of honey and vanilla, giving this blend a great density of sweetness which makes it so loved.