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Primavera Bio

Raw Meat       •      Cold Cuts & Cured
       •      Slow Cooked       •      Fish & Seafood

The Primavera Bio line is exclusive to Tipico within Hong Kong. Established over 20 years ago, this line of organic meats and deli meats are manufactured using natural methods throughout each step of the process. Free from preservatives, gluten, and milk-flours, Primavera pride themselves in using free-range farming techniques.


Primavera's use of an integrated supply chain means that they can guarantee an extremely high degree of control in maximum food safety and high product quality. The company places a strong focus on their pigs’ quality of life as well as their diet, carefully selecting the best organic raw materials for their pig feed. By paying a great deal of attention to their animal-to-land ratio, they always meet it maintained at a low lever to protect the needs of their animals and the wellbeing of the environment.


Not only is their passion for producing organic ingredients what made us fall in love with their products, but they taste incredibly delicious too!