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Acquerello - Aged Carnaroli Rice - 500g


Acquerello - Aged Carnaroli Rice - 500g

Acquerello - Aged Carnaroli Rice - 500g

HK$112 each

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500g Aged Carnaroli Rice from Acquerello.

Acquerello rice is the only white rice in the world that is processed in a way that enriches the grains with its nutrient-rich germ, giving it a structure that can absorb more liquid when cooking as well as retaining a high nutritional value. Because of it's nutrient-rich qualities, it has a nutritional profile closer to brown rice. 

This rice, which is sometimes aged for up to three years, is best used in paella, risotto or arancini, but can also be a great ingredient in cold rice salads. The vacuum tin is ideal to keep the rice fresh, and makes it easy to store. 

This superfine carnaroli rice is produced by the Rondolino family in Piedmont, Italy. The Rondolino family have been growing rice since 1935. In the year 2000, the family decided to dedicate themselves to growing only one variety of rice – carnaroli, Italy’s most highly valued rice for making risotto.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place away from strong odours.