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Antica Ardenga - Culatta - 100g

Antica Ardenga

Antica Ardenga - Culatta - 100g

Antica Ardenga - Culatta - 100g

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Sold in 100g portions, This Culatta from Antica Ardenga is a rich and mouth-watering Italian delicacy.

A premium cold cut that is the perfect compromise between the celebrated culatello, and the traditional prosciutto di Parma. While it has the same anatomical (Pork Leg) cut as the culatello, it is processed and honoured like ham.

Producing superior quality cured meats in strictly limited quantities, Antica Ardenga is one of the founding 13 producers that helped to establish exacting guidelines for the production of Culatello. This variety of salumi is specific to the north-eastern region of Parma and is widely prized among serious gastronomes worldwide for its refined and delicate flavour. Made only from pigs born, raised and slaughtered on the farm, the brand's range of artisanal cured meats gives consumers total confidence in the meat's provenance while ensuring Antica Ardenga have full control over the entire production process. The results are truly delectable.

Pair a few slices with fresh melon and Parmigiano Reggiano for a taste of Italy.