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Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Berto Aperitivo - 1L

Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Berto Aperitivo - 1L

Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Berto Aperitivo - 1L

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Apertivo Berto from Antica Distilleria Quaglia is a classic aperitif, this elegant liqueur produced in Piemonte, a region in northern Italy.

Organic and similar in flavour to the classic Aperol, it is made with no chemicals involved in its production and made by infusing the distilled spirit with botanicals of fresh orange peel, rhubarb and gentian root, this is light and fresh and a superb cocktail ingredient. It's fruity, citrus notes brings freshness to any cocktail, which is why it is known for being popular during the summer.

This Aperitivo is perfect on its own or as an essential ingredient in many Italian cocktail recipes. Try it with classic Italian cheeseboard: soft cheeses, focaccia, and salami. Traditionally had before meals, nowadays, Aperitivo is enjoyed at all times of the day.

Antica Distilleria Quaglia was established just after the Unification of Italy in 1871 between Monferrato and the hills towards Turin; an area renowned for its exceptional winemaking. Carlo Quaglia is the most recent to take over the business. His enthusiasm for the exquisite quality of Quaglia products, is evident in his move to enrich the choice of rare, unique creations without ever overlooking the Distillery’s core values of artisanal excellence and the use of high-quality, natural primary products.

To make a Berto Aperitivo Spritz:

  1. Fill a large wine glass with plenty of ice.
  2. Add equal parts Prosecco and Berto Aperitivo.
  3. Top with a splash of soda water and stir briefly.
  4. Garnish with a slice of orange.