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Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Limoncello - 700ml

Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Limoncello - 700ml

Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Limoncello - 700ml

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Limoncello is one of the most classic liquors of the Italian tradition, made with long infusions of fragrant Italian lemon peels. Bright yellow and with an enveloping and refreshing taste, this classic limoncello is produced without the use of artificial flavours and synthetic dyes, according to the traditional family recipe. This Limoncello is also vegan friendly

Smooth and sweet with an intense lemon flavour, It can be sipped on its own, mixed into sparkling water, or shaken into cocktails. Limocello is also often served chilled in small ceramic glasses as an apéritif or digestif (a drink served before or after a meal) to aid in digestion.

Antica Distilleria Quaglia was established just after the Unification of Italy in 1871 between Monferrato and the hills towards Turin; an area renowned for its exceptional winemaking. Carlo Quaglia is the most recent to take over the business. His enthusiasm for the exquisite quality of Quaglia products, is evident in his move to enrich the choice of rare, unique creations without ever overlooking the Distillery’s core values of artisanal excellence and the use of high-quality, natural primary products.