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Babbi - Dark Chocolate Wafers - 200g


Babbi - Dark Chocolate Wafers - 200g

Babbi - Dark Chocolate Wafers - 200g

HK$286 per pkg

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200g pack (10 pcs) of Dark Chocolate wafers from Babbi. 

Viennesi Fondente are presented in the deluxe version to offer you an assortment of pure decadence. In this version, the Viennesi turn dark also in the heart - the traditional vanilla filling is replaced by a dark chocolate cream for an exclusive taste. With their simple and delicate taste, the delicious waferini filled with chocolate cream is a timeless classic. Always the jewel in the crown of Babbi's gourmet specialties.

From Babbi:

Since 1952, who chooses Babbi confectionary specialties chooses the quality of its raw materials, chooses to enjoy a wide range of products and every-occasion-packagings, chooses to enjoy a pleasure and a sweet emotion with no equal.

All Babbi products, from Gelato, to Wafers and spreads are exclusive and unique; they are made through an attentive, meticulous and traditional artisanal technique.This is the secret of the extraordinary Babbi taste.