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Babbi - Hazelnut Waferini - 190g


Babbi - Hazelnut Waferini - 190g

Babbi - Hazelnut Waferini - 190g

HK$268 per pkg

Total: HK$268


190g tin (80 pcs) of Hazelnut (Nocciola) wafers from Babbi.

With their simple and delicate taste, the delicious Waferini filled with cream, packaged in metal boxes, are a timeless classic, always the jewel in the crown of Babbi’s Gourmet Specialties.

The fragrant Hazelnut Waferini are held in the elegant gold packaging.

From Babbi:

Since 1952, who chooses Babbi confectionary specialties chooses the quality of its raw materials, chooses to enjoy a wide range of products and every-occasion-packagings, chooses to enjoy a pleasure and a sweet emotion with no equal.

All Babbi products, from Gelato, to Wafers and spreads are exclusive and unique; they are made through an attentive, meticulous and traditional artisanal technique.This is the secret of the extraordinary Babbi taste.