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Baby Kale (Italy) - 125g

Tipico Italian

Baby Kale (Italy) - 125g

Baby Kale (Italy) - 125g

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With leaves that are tender enough to be enjoyed fresh, baby kale is most often used raw. but it's texture is still sturdy enough to be enjoy if cooked.

Baby kale can add an earthy flavour to raw salad greens, or it can even be juiced, wilted, fried, dehydrated, or sautéed. Try topping a flatbread or pizza with Baby kale, or incorporate it into braising greens to add a nutty yet sweet flavour. Baby kale can even be used to replace spinach in baked dishes such as quiche or lasagna.

Baby kale is known to be a nutritional powerhouse and is rich in calcium and iron as well as vitamins A, C and K1. 

We recommend to wash any fresh product before serving.