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Baby Watermelon (Italy) - 850g - 1.1kg

Tipico Italian Grocer

Baby Watermelon (Italy) - 850g - 1.1kg

Baby Watermelon (Italy) - 850g - 1.1kg

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Watermelons have the highest water content of all fruits and are also rich in potassium, vitamin A and C. The sweetness from the fruit is due to its aromatic compounds yet they are low in calories.

This baby variety of watermelon is perfect for two people. Pack this delicious fruit in your next picnic basket and it'll be sure to cool you down on a hot summers day!

It’s not uncommon to see street vendors selling wedges of watermelon during summer festivals and other celebrations. With the refreshing fruit sharing the same colours as the Italian flag, watermelons still play a part in traditional celebrations - a watermelon feast is held in Venice during Assumption day celebrations which are said to help "keep community ties".