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Beppino Occelli - Butter - 125g

Beppino Occelli

Beppino Occelli - Butter - 125g

Beppino Occelli - Butter - 125g

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125g Butter from Beppino Occelli.

Beppino Occelli butter is traditionally made, with fresh and skimmed cream, taken from milk of the day while it is still warm. Slightly straw-yellow in spring and summer when the cows are nourished in grassy meadows, it becomes whiter in winter when the cows feed on hay.

The relief of the mountain symbol impressed on the pats, as well as the package and seals, are made by hand according to the most genuine of dairy farming traditions.

Good enough to be enjoyed as is on a slice of good quality baguette or added to pasta dishes to enhance flavours.