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Ca' dei Bianchi - Sea Salt Hazelnuts - 100g

Ca' Dei Bianchi

Ca' dei Bianchi - Sea Salt Hazelnuts - 100g

Ca' dei Bianchi - Sea Salt Hazelnuts - 100g

HK$125 per pkg

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100g Sea Salt roasted Hazelnuts from Ca' Dei Bianchi.

Enjoy this salty snack to keep your going throughout the day or with a cold beer.

From Ca' Dei Bianchi:

Piedmont, with its green hills and generous land, gives the world some of the most delicious products of the food and wine heritage. Ca’ dei Bianchi interprets this excellence with the harvest of the “tonda gentile” hazelnuts.

Piedmont hazelnuts, which received the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), IGP in Italian, with the denomination “Nocciola Piemonte”, are a very high quality products. This hazelnut grows in the hills and in the mountain area, between 250 and 600-700 above sea level.

“Tonde” (round) for their size and the sinuosity of their shapes and “gentile” (gentle) for the quantity of natural oil that contains, the Ca ‘dei bianchi hazelnuts embody the Piedmontese spirit with some reviews to enhance its flavour and qualities.