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Casoni - Wild Berries Savoury Liqueur - 500ml


Casoni - Wild Berries Savoury Liqueur - 500ml

Casoni - Wild Berries Savoury Liqueur - 500ml

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500ml Fig & Cherries Casoni Liqueur.

This liqueur combines the sweet and tart profile of locally picked summer berries with the acidic and distinctive taste of balsamic vinegar, for which Casoni's Italian home, Modena, is renowned for. This "savoury liqueur" is the result of a collaboration between Italian liqueur producer Casoni and renowned bartender Marian Beke of London's Gibson bar. 

Casoni's products are the result of the idea of innovating with classic liqueurs by allowing bartenders to bring their own particular 'twist' to the most popular cocktails or to add a savoury note to each cocktail.

Casoni's Wild Berries and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, 17% Vol -
A perfect variant in the world of fruity liqueurs. This product exhibits a successful balance between the acidity of Balsamic Vinegar and soft and harmonious fruity notes (Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry). The alcohol content is particularly low and makes this recipe perfect for low alcohol drinks or for a twist on a Bramble.