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Centopassi - Biano Superiore DOC 2019 (Organic) - 750ml


Centopassi - Biano Superiore DOC 2019 (Organic) - 750ml

Centopassi - Biano Superiore DOC 2019 (Organic) - 750ml

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750ml Organic Biano Superiore DOC 2019 from Centopassi

Softly crushed grapes that are then fermented at a controlled temperature for 20 days. Perfumed herbal notes of Hawthorne and thyme complement the chalky, mineral base on the nose, whilst the palate both reflects these flavours and offers fresh acidity mixed with a pleasant, almost savoury finish.

All the vineyards are managed organically resulting in a straw yellow white wine which is both precise and delicate in notes.

From Centopassi:

Giato wines come from some of our best Sicilian grapes. They represent the highest point of the Centopassi blend's excellence project aimed at valorizing traditional and typical vineyards of Western Sicily. Giato is the name of the old district that surrounded amazing Greek theatre located on the top of Mount Jato. This place overlooks Jato Valley, Belice upland and the most important core of the Centopassi vineyards. They are dedicated to vine growers who, with endless passion, support the recovery and the valorization of a territory, its social tissue and its traditions, contributing to the common good of generations.