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Cicciolata - 200g

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Cicciolata - 200g

Cicciolata - 200g

HK$88 per 200g

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Cicciolata is a typical cooked cured meat of the Parma Province, handcrafted with the less noble parts (head, ears, tail, remains of cuts) of the pig that are cooked, chopped and still cooked together with the cracklings. Before cooking, some spices such as bay leaf, pepper, salt are added to the various cuts to give the whole a strong and unique aroma. At the end of cooking, the cicciolata is wrapped in a linen cloth, pressed with a special wooden tool to let the excess fat escape. It is eaten cut with a knife, better if sliced a little thick, to give the right taste to the palate.

Excellent served by itself as a snack or served with bread, hot polenta and local wines.