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Cocchi - Grappa Dorée - 700ml


Cocchi - Grappa Dorée - 700ml

Cocchi - Grappa Dorée - 700ml

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700ml Grappa Dorée from Cocchi.

Grappa Dorée show a bright golden colour, as its name suggests; definitely intense aroma, delicate and powerful at the same time; a true expression of its original aromatic style; taste is soft, elegant, warming and consistent with the bouquet; the alcohol content is counterweighted with harmony and balance. A rare, 100% Moscato grappa. A full-bodied, unblended grappa.

Excellent after meal, best if served in small Art Déco glasses. Also a fantastic lady’s perfume – drops or spray style.

Enjoy it chilled or room temperature.


Giulio Cocchi has been producing spirits since the very beginning and Grappa Dorée has played a role in the company’s history. Today named as a “single vineyard” grappa, it is an absolutely pure spirit, the true expression of the Moscato aroma with an extremely appealing length of flavour.