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Cugini Caruso - Mandarinata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso

Cugini Caruso - Mandarinata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso - Mandarinata - 275ml

HK$38 each

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275ml Soda in Mandarinata from Cugini Caruso.

Made for those who love strong citrus flavours and love to discover new things. Its sweet and sour taste is perfect in every season, for every occasion and is capable of delighting even the most delicate palates. Refreshing and slightly bitter, this soda has a beautiful aroma and velvety palate. A guaranteed trip among ancient flavours of the Sicilian land. Taste the delicate quality, without the overpowering artificial aromas.

Contains no artificial flavours or dyes.

The world is a better place with our bubbles and the scent of citrus fruits, every drink we propose is a homage to our family, to the lunches as an occasion to stay together, to the glittering sun and the blue sky of the Sicilian countryside.