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Cugini Caruso - Aranciata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso

Cugini Caruso - Aranciata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso - Aranciata - 275ml

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275ml Soda in Mandarinata from Cugini Caruso.

You can’t miss it at your table and refreshes everyone. A unique drink made with the juice of Sicilian oranges that intensify the scent and taste of our orange. Let yourself be absorbed by the scent of this Land of the Sun.

Contains no artificial flavours or dyes.

The world is a better place with our bubbles and the scent of citrus fruits, every drink we propose is a homage to our family, to the lunches as an occasion to stay together, to the glittering sun and the blue sky of the Sicilian countryside.