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Cugini Caruso - Limonata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso

Cugini Caruso - Limonata - 275ml

Cugini Caruso - Limonata - 275ml

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275ml Soda in Limonata from Cugini Caruso.

Made from the purity of Sicilians lemon juice, Cugini Caruso brings you the real, unique, traditional Lemonade. A low-calorie hydrating drink but full of vitamin C. The drink has an unmistakable lemon character, slightly sweet and refreshing, to quench you during a sunny day. The perfect companion for any type of food. Lively by nature it makes even the dullest day joyful. The lemons of sunny Sicily are absolutely the star of the show.

Contains no artificial flavours or dyes.

The world is a better place with our bubbles and the scent of citrus fruits, every drink we propose is a homage to our family, to the lunches as an occasion to stay together, to the glittering sun and the blue sky of the Sicilian countryside.