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Emmedue - Pork Cheek - Guanciale - 200g


Emmedue - Pork Cheek - Guanciale - 200g

Emmedue - Pork Cheek - Guanciale - 200g

HK$128 per 200g

Total: HK$128


Guanciale is an Italian cured meat product made from pork cheeks or jowls, it's name coming from the Italian word for "Cheek". 

Rubbed with salt and spices, Guanciale has a stronger flavour than other pork products such as Pancetta, but has a more delicate texture. When cooked, the fat melts away, adding a beautiful depth to whatever dish or sauce it's cooked in. Not eaten raw, this product comes sliced and is for cooking either in thin slices or diced. We recommend cooking this tasty savoury product in pasta dishes with cream or tomato based sauces - perfect for Carbonara.

Founded in 1986, Emmedue is a family run company in Picerno, a small town in Basilicata. With over 30 years of experience, Emmedue perfectly combines tradition and innovation, transforming the artisan production into a modern make of cured meats.