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Fennel (Italy) - 450g - 550g

Tipico Italian Grocer

Fennel (Italy) - 450g - 550g

Fennel (Italy) - 450g - 550g

HK$80 each

Total: HK$80


450g - 550g of Fennel, freshly flown in from Italy every week. 

The base of the fennel is referred to as the 'bulb'. The bulb is eaten as a crisp, hardy root vegetable, enjoyed both raw and cooked. This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed stewed, braised, sauteed, or grilled. Fennel is aromatic and sweet, with a mild anise-like flavour.

Fennel generally pairs well with pork, sausages, and chicken. In Italy, it's popularly paired with shellfish and fish; especially delicious addition to seafood risotto.

The fennel plant has many health benefits. The bulb is rich in Vitamin C and fibre, promoting a healthy immune system and is great for lowering cholesterol levels.