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Fontaneto - Fresh Tagliolini - 250g


Fontaneto - Fresh Tagliolini - 250g

Fontaneto - Fresh Tagliolini - 250g


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250g pack of Tagliolini from Fontaneto.

Tagliolini is a type of ribbon pasta, long like spaghetti, two to three millimeters or roughly a tenth of an inch wide, similar to tagliatelle, but thin like capellini. It's a traditional ingredient in regions Molise and Piedmont of Italy.

This Tagliolini from Fontaneto is made of few simple and selected ingredients, such as durum wheat semolina, egg and soft wheat flour that give the pasta that delicate egg scent and that unmistakable lively and intense colour.

Cooking Instruction: Cook for 5 mins in salted boiling water.