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Frozen Ribeye Marango Steak (Italy) - 300g - 350g

Tipico Italian Grocer

Frozen Ribeye Marango Steak (Italy) - 300g - 350g

Frozen Ribeye Marango Steak (Italy) - 300g - 350g

HK$350 per pkg

Total: HK$350


300g - 350g piece of 100% natural Italian ribeye Marango steak.

Marango is an Italian beef, the result of a cross between a pure Black Angus and Friesian and Maremmana cows.

This piece of meat is beautifully marbled and comes from cows that are grass-fed and raised on green pastures that are provided with a balanced "Marango Fioc" certified diet which guarantees the welfare of the animals and gives them an excellent level of marbling.

Marango beef is fat, savoury and tender at the same time. It has a mineral taste, typical of the Maremma cow, mixed the sweetness of the Angus.

We recommend serving this piece of meat medium rare with at least 5 minute rest time after cooking.