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La Casearia Carpenado - Gorgonzola Piccante DOP - 200g

La Casearia Carpenedo

La Casearia Carpenado - Gorgonzola Piccante DOP - 200g

La Casearia Carpenado - Gorgonzola Piccante DOP - 200g

HK$78 per 200g

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Gorgonzola "Piccante" DOP is a soft, sharp, aged blue cheese made with full fat, pasteurised, cow's milk. The cheese took its name from a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it said to have been born in the 12th century. It has a white or pale yellow compact, crumbly paste speckled with a homogeneous distribution of bluish-green marbling. The rind is compact, rough, hard and grey in colour and usually comes covered in a tin foil. Flavours are strong, intense and sharp with a pungent, spicy bite coming early on. It takes a minimum of 80 days ageing to let Gorgonzola demonstrate its unique characteristics.  The cheese pairs well with a full-bodied, aged, red wines, sweet and liqueur wines and rum.

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Storage instructions:

Our cheeses are packaged in a highly-pressurised vacuum sealed bag with a shelf life of 1 month - before opening, and 1 week - after opening.  To store after opening, wrap your cheese with baking paper (not film) to keep safely for another week. If the outer layer of your cheese starts to harden, slice off and remove.