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I Custodi - Pistus Etna Rosso 2016 - 750ml

I Custodi

I Custodi - Pistus Etna Rosso 2016 - 750ml

I Custodi - Pistus Etna Rosso 2016 - 750ml

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Pistus, “pressed”, the true symbol of the fatigue of the Etnean Man. The same wine that the farmers of the Muntagna once produced for their daily consumption, and of these men bears the mark: abrupt, wild, angular, spontaneous.

Tasting notes:

Eye: red with bright ruby glares.
Nose: fresh fruit, floral.
Palate: fruity, harmonic, pleasant tannins, good acid persistence.

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Ancient legends, accounts of travellers and naturalists, works of art, poems and tales are witnesses to the Etnean viticulture since earliest times. Here, the peculiar microclimate and the vulcano’s fertile soil provide an ideal ambientation for the vine. Since the age of the Sicels, three millennia ago, vines and wine have always been in the centre of people’s life on Mt. Etna. And from the dawn of history to the 20th century, the gestures and manners of the vintners haven’t changed much. The wine presses that were in use up to a few years ago look the same as those described by Cato in 160 BCE.

The vines have been bush-trained (what we call the alberello, little tree) for 30 centuries, and everywhere we still see the quincunx planting pattern every vine is equidistant from any other one surrounding it that was dear to the Greeks and Romans.