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Italcarciofi - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 720g


Italcarciofi - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 720g

Italcarciofi - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 720g

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Sun-dried tomatoes are a specialty of Southern Italy, and the ingredients in this product are simple and genuine: tomatoes and sunflower oil. Sun-dried tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, Provitamin A, potassium and other minerals. This product can be used to prepare salads, as a condiment for pasta, meat or fish, and to prepare delicious appetisers and side dishes. Often stored in oil to preserve their bite, this can be used to add more flavour to dishes that call for olive oil. Simply substitute the amount of olive oil in a recipe with sun-dried tomato oil.

Before the many modern methods of food preservation like canning and freezing, the southern Italians found a unique way to enjoy the beloved tomato long after harvest - by arranging slices of garden-fresh tomatoes on their rooftops and leaving them to dehydrate in the summer sun.

Located in the Italian Puglia region, and founded in 1999, Italcarciofi has become a leading company in food processing, specialising in the manufacturing and processing of artichoke and vegetables preserved in oil.

The company only uses natural ingredients and every year, in order to increase its production efficiency and product quality, invests time and funds in innovation and research. The company works most of products from raw sourcing mainly from the fields of their region by contributing to the support of the agricultural sector in Puglia.