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Le Olive Miccio - Pitted Black Olives - 850g

Le Olive Miccio

Le Olive Miccio - Pitted Black Olives - 850g

Le Olive Miccio - Pitted Black Olives - 850g


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850g (400g drained) of Pitted Black Leccino Olives from Le Olive Miccio.

Already pitted, these versatile olives can be a helpful companion to last minute meals, as well as to more lengthy preparations. Delicious on their own, they are also excellent to add to all types of sauces - but famous worldwide for being the jewels of the “Puttanesca” sauce to accompany your pasta.

They are delectable in salads, you don't have to limit yourself to only Italian cuisine just because the olives are Italian…consider throwing these black pitted olives into a Greek feta and pita salad or an Arabic salad with cucumbers, Whiz them into a blender with some cream cheese and dill for an easy dip, or Infuse their flavour into a rich doughy pizza.

This versatile ingredient works well with both meat and fish, in conjunction with a variety of ingredients: from tomatoes and capers to potatoes and onions. In all cases, each dish is taken to another dimension when seasoned with black Pitted Leccino olives.