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Pastificio Liguori - Farfalle - 500g

Pastificio Liguori

Pastificio Liguori - Farfalle - 500g

Pastificio Liguori - Farfalle - 500g

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The name Farfalle comes from the Italian word farfalla, meaning butterfly. Adults and kids love this type of pasta. Its shape, that reminds the wings of a butterfly, is obtained by pinching a square of pasta in the middle. 

The pinched middle of farfalle helps keep them al dente when cooked and catches a little of the sauce. Farfalle is great serving with light vegetable sauces as a summer pasta dish or in pasta salads. It’s a perfect pairing with our homemade Pesto Sauce

Liguori was the first pasta producer to obtain P.G.I. Certification. The production in Gragnano, unique for its climatic conditions and the traditional production process, guarantees a product of superior quality.