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Monograno Felicetti - Organic Matt Spaghetti - 500g

Monograno Felicetti

Monograno Felicetti - Organic Matt Spaghetti - 500g

Monograno Felicetti - Organic Matt Spaghetti - 500g

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This spaghetti is 30% wider than traditional spaghetti, made with the single grain varietal "Matt" durum wheat. This special wheat variety has an excellent flavour and texture that's perfect for complementing with our signature homemade sauces, cook for just 10 minutes to enjoy the Al Dente of the pasta.

This resilient and rich variety of wheat is at its best when farmed in the sunny fields of Apulia, before being perfected by our master pasta makers. When Matt pasta cooks, it releases a summery bouquet of hay, desiccated coconut and stretched curd. Its ancient taste reminds of stone cooked bread, butter and bamboo shoots.

Since 1908 the same family, with the same values, has been working passionately in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites. Monograno Felicetti commits to using only 100% spring water, directly from the mountains in their region, and their semolina and wheat flour is 100% organic and whole.