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Morelli - Linguine (Gluten Free) - 250g


Morelli - Linguine (Gluten Free) - 250g

Morelli - Linguine (Gluten Free) - 250g


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250g Organic Gluten Free Linguine from Morelli.

The pasta experts at Pastificio Morelli make this gluten-free version of the classic Linguine pasta shape with organic corn for good measure. Simply add your favourite sauce and enjoy!

Cooking time 7 to 9 minutes

Ingredients: Organic Corn Flour, Water

Pastificio Morelli has been producing pasta near Pisa since 1860 and is still family run. Unlike most other pasta, Morelli make theirs using ancient artisan methods and include wheat germ, the heart of the grain, resulting in a unique, healthy and delicious product.