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Natura è Piacere - Organic Rice Mayonnaise - 130g

Natura è Piacere

Natura è Piacere - Organic Rice Mayonnaise - 130g

Natura è Piacere - Organic Rice Mayonnaise - 130g


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130g Gluten Free, Organic Rice Mayonnaise, made without eggs from Natura è Piacere.

Mayonnaise made from rice, without eggs, no cholesterol and gluten-free. Rice Mayonnaise has 30% less calories and fat than traditional mayonnaise but still delivers the same comforts the classic condiment does. 

Sweet and delicate, creamy and smooth, with acidulous notes, this rice mayonnaise is a great companion to vegetables, fish and meat. Fantastic for those who can not eat normal mayonnaise and or those who can not consume eggs.

About the company:

The company was born as organic and gluten free in 1984. It produced egg products and semi-finished products made of eggs for the food industry. The mission of the company is to offer healthy, genuine, natural, organic, certified and gluten free products, guaranteeing at the same time the taste and certainty of the food. For this reason they choose for you organic, Italian, gluten free raw materials, without lactose, colorants nor preservatives. Their products result from passion, care and competence combined with Italian and international high kitchen tradition.

Sunflower oil *, water, rice flour * (3.5%), apple vinegar *, mustard * (water, yellow mustard seeds *, vinegar *, sea salt, brown mustard seeds *, spices *, herbs *), wine vinegar *, brown sugar *, sea salt, lemon juice *, thickener: xanthan gum.