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Neromonte 3330 - Apple and Vermouth Jam - 60g

Neromonte 3330

Neromonte 3330 - Apple and Vermouth Jam - 60g

Neromonte 3330 - Apple and Vermouth Jam - 60g


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60g Apple and Vermouth Jam from Neromonte 3330

Made with the small and crunchy cola apples of Mount Etna, blended with the best Italian vermouth.

Perfect for breakfast or baking an original strudel, it pairs very well with medium-aged and blue cheeses.

From Nermonte 3330:

The 3330 products are dedicated to those who can appreciate genuine moments of life, those moments in which the memory of a flavour turns into an emotion. To those who know how to choose and recognise the artisan quality of a skilfully manual workmanship. Those who want to take a sensory journey through the flavours and aromas of our land.

Our recipes focus on both simple yet refined combinations. They enhance the raw materials and their organoleptic characteristics, offering a perceptive experience of real taste. The 3330 line is made to be tasted in combination with the most refined dishes and wines, but it is very well recommended to make a delicious breakfast.