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Neromonte 3330 - Fig and Marsala Jam - 160g

Neromonte 3330

Neromonte 3330 - Fig and Marsala Jam - 160g

Neromonte 3330 - Fig and Marsala Jam - 160g


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160g Fig and Marsala Jam from Neromonte 3330

The prince of autumn fruits marries the Marsala: the most celebrated Sicilian fortified wine. From breakfast to canapés, from biscuits to pies, it matches the best seasoned hams and the tastiest cheeses.

From Nermonte 3330:

The 3330 products are dedicated to those who can appreciate genuine moments of life, those moments in which the memory of a flavour turns into an emotion. To those who know how to choose and recognise the artisan quality of a skilfully manual workmanship. Those who want to take a sensory journey through the flavours and aromas of our land.

Our recipes focus on both simple yet refined combinations. They enhance the raw materials and their organoleptic characteristics, offering a perceptive experience of real taste. The 3330 line is made to be tasted in combination with the most refined dishes and wines, but it is very well recommended to make a delicious breakfast.