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Olive Petruzzelli - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 314ml

Olive Petruzzelli

Olive Petruzzelli - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 314ml

Olive Petruzzelli - Sun-dried Tomatoes - 314ml

HK$58 each

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314ml Sun-dried tomatoes (Pomodori Secchi) from Olive Petruzzelli.

These delicious tomatoes are harvested and sun-dried - they are already washed and are ready to eat.

The perfect ingredient for fast recipes, for example spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, a fresh salad or simply as an appetiser. It can even be used to enrich the bread basket!

From Olive Petruzzelli:

The reality Olive Petruzzelli is a dynamic company that operates in the production and distribution of table olives boasting an important presence in the national and international market for over 15 years.

We focus on the quality of the products we offer, aware that it is the only strategy to establish ourselves on the market and collect the consensus of consumers, which is why we work in an artisanal and "fresh" way to keep the flavour of our land alive on the palate of people. For us the customer comes first and his satisfaction is our goal.