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Pasta Orogiallo - Trofie - 500g

Pasta Orogiallo

Pasta Orogiallo - Trofie - 500g

Pasta Orogiallo - Trofie - 500g


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500g Trofie from Orogiallo Pasta.

Used traditionally with Genoese Pesto in Liguria. Pesto is not usually eaten with other types of common pasta such as spaghetti so to eat Pesto faithfully, you need Trofie pasta. 

The pasta derives from extremely simple raw materials. The dough is composed of durum wheat semolina and water, without preservatives or additives of any kind. Its quality is a direct reflection of the quality of wheat and the careful grinding and pasta making process. The Orogiallo pasta factory in the early 1970s was a small artisan pasta workshop, owned by the Milito family, with the aim of creating high quality fresh pasta that blended all the flavour and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship.