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Pasticceria Perbellini - Fior D’albicocca - 550g

Pasticceria Perbellini

Pasticceria Perbellini - Fior D’albicocca - 550g

Pasticceria Perbellini - Fior D’albicocca - 550g

HK$340 each

Total: HK$340


550g Fior D’albicocca, a signature creation from Pasticceria Perbellini.

This extremely light cake is available all year round. The light sponge encloses small, tasty apricot confit drops, while the top is covered by a soft almond glaze. It is packaged in a delightful box with a hand drawn print of apricots making it an ideal gift.

The Perbellini story is one that has been in development for over 130 years and encapsulates a family’s passion for good food, hard work and the will to offer traditional, handmade Italian pasticceria products. Originating from Verona, now available internationally through retailers around the world. Today, the pasticceria is owned and managed by Ernesto Perbellini’s three sons: Giovanni Battista, Enzo and Flavio. They share the same passion as their predecessors, for traditional methods of hand-making Italian dolci handed down through the family for five generations.