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Patatas Nana - Potato Sticks - 70g

Patatas Nana

Patatas Nana - Potato Sticks - 70g

Patatas Nana - Potato Sticks - 70g


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Premium 70g of potato sticks from Patatas Nana.

Patatas Nana is back to renew the world of chips with a nostalgic look at the childhood match chips of those who grew up in the 70s and 80s. Launched by the slogan "The future is only a memory", the Patatas Nana potato matches rekindle the memory of a retro snack updated to our times: gluten-free, only from genuine products, with an essential and eco-sustainable packaging in 100% plastic free recyclable aluminum.

A dip in the past to reach the future of snack culture, for those nostalgic for simplicity and explorers of new flavours.

We recommended these for a delicious snack break, a tasty aperitif or even a healthy and simple side dish.

Pan-fried at 155° C and hand-salted Chips.
Ingredients: Angria potatoes, Sunflower oil, salt.

From Patatas Nana:

Patatas Nana’s production is completely artisanal: potatoes are picked up, washed, peeled and cut into slices. They are fried at 155°C in 100% selected sunflower oil, which we consider the most suitable one because it’s flavourless. Chips are drained, dried, cooled down at room temperature and salted with pure sea salt.

All the ingredients come from Lecrìn Valley in Granada province. Patatas Nana’s machinery for packaging is brand new and guaran- tees the original taste of our product, without any preservative.

For this reason, the shelf life of Patatas Nana is relatively short, not more than 5 months. Despite the general tendency to consume po- tato chips already chemically flavoured, Patatas Nana come pure and completely artisanal. The producers suggest to dress them at will for example sprinkling with black pepper and adding fresh lem- on juice or lime juice.