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Primavera - Truffle Salamini Bio (Italy) - 180g


Primavera - Truffle Salamini Bio (Italy) - 180g

Primavera - Truffle Salamini Bio (Italy) - 180g

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The Pedrazzoli company was founded on salami, a speciality which has always been a feature of rural Mantuan tradition. When the finest of the Po Valley’s culinary tradition meets the "king" of haute cuisine, the truffle – Mantuan black truffle, in this case, the result is a speciality deli meat of the highest quality.

Primavera Salame al Tartufo Bio is made using Italian pork from Pedrazzoli farms, minced and evenly mixed according to a traditional recipe, with added truffle shavings.

Linea Primavera Bio organic range was established over 20 years ago. It is a line of organic meats and deli meats manufactured using natural methods: from rearing the cow or pig to processing the meat to maturing it. Embodying the ethical spirit of Primavera entire philosophy, the range is based on organic products free from preservatives, gluten and milk flours, and on free-range farming techniques and a fully integrated supply chain. Their commitment to excellence, the environment and protecting their consumers in terms of health and food safety, are the main ingredients of the company’s success and the fundamental principles behind the new Linea Primavera.