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Raschera DOP Cheese - 200g

Tipico Italian Grocer

Raschera DOP Cheese - 200g

Raschera DOP Cheese - 200g

HK$66 per 200g

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Raschera DOP is a semi - hard, artisan cheese made from cows milk. This cheese originates from Cuneo, Italy and it's name from Lake Raschera, which is located at the foot of Mount Mongioie. This special cheese is rarely found outside of Italy which makes it a real treat as an addition to any cheese platter.

Raschera cheese is left to mature for at least a month to develop a fine and delicate flavour. When aged, it develops a salty, slightly spicy flavour. 

Pair this rare cheese with red wines, beers, bread, and jams or preserves (We recommend figs, grapes or even green tomatoes).

Storage instructions:

Our cheeses are packaged in a highly-pressurised vacuum sealed bag with a shelf life of 1 month - before opening, and 1 week - after opening.  To store after opening, wrap your cheese with baking paper (not film) to keep safely for another week. If the outer layer of your cheese starts to harden, slice off and remove.