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Rosemary (Italy)- 30g

Tipico Italian

Rosemary (Italy)- 30g

Rosemary (Italy)- 30g

HK$40 per pkg

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30g bundle of Rosemary from Italy. 

Rosemary is a woodsy, aromatic herb used extensively in Italian, French and Spanish cooking. Its versatility allows it to be used in a range of dishes including everything from soups to breads. This sturdy ingredient holds up extremely well to heat and prolonged cooking times, and can be added at the beginning of cooking to braises and stews. In fact, the longer rosemary is cooked in liquid, the stronger the flavour becomes.

Rosemary can be used with the needles removed and minced or as whole sprigs, to infuse flavour into a larger dish like a stew or roast. To strip the rosemary leaves from the stem, pull the needles in the opposite direction from which they grow and they should easily slide off the stalk. The needles are easy to gather in a bunch and mince, by rocking your knife back and forth over the pile until it's fine.