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S.A.TOS - Tuna stuffed Chili Peppers - 314g


S.A.TOS - Tuna stuffed Chili Peppers - 314g

S.A.TOS - Tuna stuffed Chili Peppers - 314g

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Tuna stuffed peppers are a typical recipe of the south of Italy where chilies are used often around the local produce, which are deprived of their seeds and of their stalk, and then they are boiled into water and vinegar. Peppers are filled with a dough that is generally composed of preserved tuna in squeezed oil, capers, spices and aromas, chopped, and then preserved in oil, ready to be consumed as a starter or side dish.

SATOS SpA operates, with thirty years of experience, in the field of vegetable preserves (finished products and intended for direct consumption); semi-preserved and semi-processed raw materials for the canning food industry; Olives for industrial bakeries and ovens, and for wholesalers.