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Melon (Italy) - 1.4kg - 1.6kg Melon (Italy) - 1.4kg - 1.6kg

Tipico Italian

Melon (Italy) - 1.4kg - 1.6kg

Melon (Italy) - 1.4kg - 1.6kg

HK$290 each

Total: HK$290


LORENZINI NATURAMICA® produces high quality fruits and vegetables: Melon, Watermelon, Tomato, Pumpkin and Zucchini. From 2003 every product is TRACEABLE, thanks to the Lorenzini technology. Every single fruit, except for tomatoes and zucchini, has a Laser mark.

In the case that we are unable to provide the Lorenzi Naturamica melon, we will exchange it for the Sattin brand. These producers work in the same zone and both provide a guaranteed sweetness in their goods. Both are level with each other in quality and taste, the only difference is the brand.