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Tartufi Ponzio - Truffle Pearls - 50g

Tartufi Ponzio

Tartufi Ponzio - Truffle Pearls - 50g

Tartufi Ponzio - Truffle Pearls - 50g

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50g Perle di Tartufo (Truffle Pearls) from Tartufi Ponzio.

With the look of caviar, these delicate pearls are made with the juice of Italian Black Truffle (known as the King of the black truffles) which is obtained directly from the cooking of fresh truffles. Italian black truffles are are known for its delectable depth in flavour. The juice of the black truffles are then formed into pearls through the culinary technique known as Spherification.

These beautiful pearls are perfect to serve with sushi, crostini or bilinis, also a great garnish for young fresh cheese, ideal with meat tartare - truly a must-have for any at-home fine dining experience.

From Tartufi Ponzio:

The historic brand Tartufi Ponzio was born in Alba in 1947 and since its inception has contributed significantly in making white truffle be known and appreciated all over the world. Depending on the season, Tartufi Ponzio offers the local harvest best: Piedmont region truffles, extremely fresh, selected with rigor and competence. 

Since 1987, the Tartufi Ponzio boutique, located in Via Maestra, the main street in the city’s historic center, has been managed by the Curti family, which offers quality products with passion, competence and professionalism to the international clientele visiting the Langhe.