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Terre di Puglia - Pesto Tarallini - 230g

Terre di Puglia

Terre di Puglia - Pesto Tarallini - 230g

Terre di Puglia - Pesto Tarallini - 230g

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230g of Tarallini Gusto Pesto from Terre di Puglia.

Tarallini is an Italian snack food, traditionally made in Puglia, Italy. This addictive snack is similar in texture to a breadstick or hard pretzel and goes well with wine or an aperitivo, such as an Aperol Spritz. Made using the purest ingredients and traditional processing methods, this snack is particularly perfect for those who like an additional spicy kick.

You will find the scent of basil and the intense flavour of the olive oil create a delicious snack that tastes fresh and vivacious. It’s ideal alone or to go with soups or salads.

A healthier substitution for potato chips or french fries, try adding Tarallini to your antipasti board and pairing with your favourite cheeses, cured meats, and pickled vegetables.