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Trevalli - Panna UHT (Whipping & Cooking Cream) - 1L

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Trevalli - Panna UHT (Whipping & Cooking Cream) - 1L

Trevalli - Panna UHT (Whipping & Cooking Cream) - 1L

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1000ml cream suitable for whipping and cooking from Trevalli. 

With 35% Fat content, It is the ideal solution in pastry for decorations and fillings. It has a compact structure, excellent hold and stability and the absence of syneresis (the release of water from a gelatinous substance). Trevalli Professional La35 is characterised by a full flavour and an intense taste and finds its perfect application in the creation of mousses, Bavarians and semifreddi.

Storage: Keep in a cool place (If possible, at a temperature below 10°). Once the container is opened, refrigerate and use within 3-4 days.