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Natura è Piacere - Organic Mayonnaise - 130g

Natura è Piacere

Natura è Piacere - Organic Mayonnaise - 130g

Natura è Piacere - Organic Mayonnaise - 130g


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130g Gluten Free Organic Mayonnaise from Natura è Piacere.

Certified organic, this mayonnaise is produced according to the classic recipe using high-quality ingredients. Made without gluten or preservatives, this condiment has a sweet and delicate taste, slightly acidic, with a pleasant, creamy texture.

Considered the queen of sauces, this mayonnaise is very versatile and enhances a wide variety of ingredients. 

About the company:

The company was born as organic and gluten-free in 1984. It produced egg products and semi-finished products made of eggs for the food industry. The mission of the company is to offer healthy, genuine, natural, organic, certified and gluten-free products, guaranteeing at the same time the taste and certainty of the food. For this reason, they choose for you organic, Italian, gluten-free raw materials, without lactose, colourants nor preservatives. Their products result from passion, care and competence combined with Italian and international high kitchen tradition.